Results of Games Online Contest #2

This contest closed on August 31, 2005.
The object was to identify the 15 games from which the pieces in the photo below were taken.

Ten contestants tied with a high score of 14 out of 15, and five of them have been chosen
by random draw to receive a one-year subscription to Games.

The answers, from left to right and back to front, are as follows:

Grand Chess, Mexica, Blockhead!
Mississippi, Das Erbe des Maloney (no one got this one)
Indochine 2000
Streetcar, Conquest
BuyWord, Tripples
Clue Master Detective, Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Game
Acquire, Tori (Bird) Shogi, Hare and Tortoise

(The board is a custom Tori Shogi board.)

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