Results of Games Online Contest #5

This contest closed on March 1, 2006. A new contest will appear on or around April 1.

A, B, C, ?

The challenge in this contest was to choose a word from the following list to replace each question mark in the series (1–5) that follow.

Belle Ben Big Billy Checkers Diamonds Hearts Neon Jennifer Pool Sixteen  

1. Heat, County, Submarine, Card, Velvet, ?

2. Fantastic, Slaughterhouse, Secret, Magnificent, ?

3. Stroker, Lion, African, ?

4. Black, Stormy, Ash, ?

5. Highway, Rangers, Suite, ?

As many contestants correctly worked out, each item in each series becomes a film title if a particular word (plus, in some cases, “The”) is added to it, and the added words have a logical order. Here are the correct answers and complete series of films:

1. Hearts: Red Heat, Orange County, Yellow Submarine, Green Card, Blue Velvet, Indigo Hearts (rainbow colors)
2. Jennifer: (The) Fantastic Four, Slaughterhouse-Five, (The) Secret Six, (The) Magnificent Seven, Jennifer Eight
3. Billy: Stroker Ace, (The) Lion King, (The) African Queen, Billy Jack
4. Big: Black Sunday, Stormy Monday, Ash Tuesday, Big Wednesday
5. Belle: Alaska Highway, Texas Rangers, California Suite, Montana Belle (states in descending order of area)

Five correct entries have been chosen at random to win a year’s subscription to Games.

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