Games Online Contest #1 Results

Our first online contest closed July 31, 2005. We received dozens of entries, but only seven that were correct. Five of those have been chosen at random to win a year's subscription to Games Magazine.

The challenge was explained in the contest's colorful paragraph: 

The color patterns of the letters, taken in three-letter sequences, form a code. If R = a red letter, B = a blue letter, and G = a green letter, then a sequence of RRR represents the letter A, RRG = B, RRB = C, RGR = D, RGG = E, etc. Black letters represent spaces between words, and (as the contest hint explained) gray punctuation marks are part of the question. Decoded, the message reads:

What city name can be inserted into the following to make a sensible sentence? "Either Han Solo Calrissian can pilot the Millennium Falcon."

The answer, as Star Wars fans will realize, is Orlando (Either Han Solo or Lando Calrissian can pilot the Millennium Falcon). Thanks to all who entered. We now invite you all to enter our second online contest.

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