Happy Birthday Robert De Niro!

Trivia: De Niro Doubles

Can you match each of the actors below (1-14) with the two films (from the list a-v) in which he or she appeared with Robert De Niro?

1. Ellen Barkin
2. John Cazale
3. Leonardo DiCaprio
4. Dustin Hoffman
5. Ian Holm
6. Samuel L. Jackson
7. Jessica Lange
8. Ray Liotta
9. Cathy Moriarty
10. Al Pacino
11. Jonathan Pryce
12. Chazz Palminteri
13. Aidan Quinn
14. James Woods

a) “Analyze This”
b) “Brazil”
c) “A Bronx Tale”
d) “Cape Fear”
e) “Casino”
f) “Cop Land”
g) “The Deer Hunter”
h) “The Fan”
i) “The Godfather, Part II”
j) “GoodFellas”
k) “Heat”
l) “Jackie Brown”
m) “Marvin’s Room”
n) “Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein”
o) “The Mission”
p) “Night and the City”
q) “Once Upon a Time in America”
r) “Raging Bull”
s) “Ronin”
t) “Sleepers”
u) “This Boy’s Life”
v) “Wag the Dog”

Published in GAMES, May 2000

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