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…From the Editor

It’s been almost two years since the premier issue of GAMES WORLD OF PUZZLES, and many of our readers, perhaps nostalgic for the old Letters/Laundry/Eureka column in GAMES, have called for the return of a “Letters to the Editor” page. After fielding repeated requests, we’re mulling it over.

But…here’s the thing. If we bring back Letters to the Editor, we’ll need your help. So if you enjoyed a particular puzzle or article, send us a note! If you discover an improved, more elegant, or more complete solution to a puzzle, share it with us! Of course, if you discover an error, please let us know so that we can avoid similar mistakes in the future. But, above all, we are seeking to strike a balance between the positive and the negative.

For those who remember the days of winning a GAMES T-shirt for having a letter printed: Unfortunately our cache of T-shirts has run out, but if we publish your letter you’ll be able to bask in the glory of seeing your name in print.

We’re willing to give it a try. If we get enough mail to reinstate the Letters page, great—you’ll see it in an upcoming issue. Now, get busy writing! Please email us at, or send letters via snail mail to GAMES WORLD OF PUZZLES, P.O. Box 184, Fort Washington, PA 19034. IMPORTANT: If you do not want your letter to be printed, please state this clearly within. Unless a letter indicates otherwise, we’ll assume it’s fair game for publication. In any case, please sign your letters.

Enjoy the June issue. Happy Puzzling!

Jennifer Orehowsky
Senior Editor




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