The pink blooms in the Rows Garden grid in our May 2013 issue printed too lightly to be seen. The correct grid can be viewed
here .

What three two-word phrases can be found
in this box? 

What is this object?


26 = L. of the A.
What are L. and A.?


Note: Digital edition puzzles are not interactive.

2014 Games of the Year
(from the December 2013 issue)

OCTOBER 2015 issue
(on sale 9/15/2015)

Ben Ziek: Punning in Circles
O. Henry Pun-Off Champion Ben
Ziek and his long journey to the top

Got Game?
Eight games worth trying out

Ouija Believe It?
Exploring this fascinating game
with expert Robert Murch

Color Match Maze
Two pennies, a dime, and your
wits are all you need to solve
these mazes


Electronic Game Reviews
- Splendor
- Lumino City

Traditional Game Reviews
- Pleasant Dreams
- Extra! Extra!


Wild Cards
A potpourri of amusing little puzzles for your solving pleasure

What's Happening
Previews of upcoming events

Contest: Coded Crisscross III

Contest Results
Halfabetical Order (from April)

Game On!
Offbeat news, trivia, and more from today's world of games and puzzles


Fill-In Station
You'll have a gas (or at least kill some time) filling in this 3x3 grid with the letters given beneath it. Just make sure that three-letter words are formed in all the directions that the arrows point.

Cover Puzzle: George Bredehorn
Cover Design: Regis Modesta

- 500 Rummy
- Battleships
- Code Crosswords
- Crypto-Funnies
- Double Cross
- Echo Chamber
- Family Reunions
- Going Too Far
- Kid Stuff
- Locked Chess
- Logical Sequences
- Mixed Doubles
- Odd Letter Out
- One, Two, Three
- Paint by Numbers
- Quote Boxes
- Siamese Twins
- Solitaire Hangman
- The Spiral
- Whaddayacalla...
- World's Most Ornery Crossword

and other pencil puzzles

Orion’s Crystal

The all-but-invisible puzzle
that’s sweeping the country!

Eight puzzle pieces fit together to form a sphere. Not too tough…if you could see the pieces!

Now just $14.99 plus shipping. Order here.

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