"BATTLE OF THE AXES," August, page 14

In the August issue we printed an incorrect answer grid for Battle of the Axes (page 14). Here is a link to the correct answer.

What three two-word phrases can be found
in this box? 

What is this object?


26 = L. of the A.
What are L. and A.?


Note: Digital edition puzzles are not interactive.

SEPTEMBER 2016 issue
(on sale 8/2/2016)

Persian Wars: Reviving the Glory of King Leonidas and His 300
This board game brings ancient Greek history to life.

2016 U.S. Chess Championship and U.S. Women's Championship
Fabiano Caruana and Nazí Paikidze emerge victorious

Eyeball Benders
Can you identify these products or companies from their logos?


What's Happening
Previews of upcoming events

MinMoves Puzzles
A logical game of musical chairs

This Old Game
Vintage board games
from the collector's closet

Your Word Against Mine: Scrabble Happenings, Puzzles, and Tips
A profile of Nigel Richards, the "Tiger Woods of Scrabble"

Contest: Round Trip

Contest Results:
Still Role-Playing (from February)

Electronic Game Reviews
- The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game
- The Witness

Traditional Game Reviews
- Escape the Room: Mystery at the Stargazer's Manor
- Mystery! Motive for Murder

Game On!
Offbeat news, trivia, and more from today's world of games and puzzles


Each puzzle consists of a grid containing X's and O's in various places. The objects is to place X or O in the remaining squares so that: (1) there are no more than two consecutive X's or O's in a row or a column; (2) the number of X's is the same as the number of O's in each row and column; and (3) all rows are unique and all columns are unique.
Cover Design: Regis Modesta

- 500 Rummy
- Battleships
- Camouflage
- Cryptic Crossword
- Double Cross
- Family Reunions
- Hex Pathfinder
- Kid Stuff
- Mixed Doubles
- One, Two, Three
- Order, Please - Paint by Numbers
- Pencil Pointers
- Quote Boxes
- Siamese Twins
- Solitaire Hangman
- Taking Directions
- World's Most Ornery

and other pencil puzzles

Orion’s Crystal

The all-but-invisible puzzle
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Eight puzzle pieces fit together to form a sphere. Not too tough…if you could see the pieces!

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