“NUMBERS GAME,” January, page 52

Due to some overzealous editing, David Kwong’s crossword puzzle “Numbers Game” contained some errors relating to the theme. Here is a link to the corrected puzzle in case you would like to try this extremely clever crossword as it should have appeared. Here is a link to the answer.

What three two-word phrases can be found
in this box? 

What is this object?


26 = L. of the A.
What are L. and A.?


Note: Digital edition puzzles are not interactive.

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Magnus Carlsen defends his Masters title

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Letter Rebuses
Each array of letters and symbols represents a familiar word, phrase, or expression. In #1, for example, the arrangement of letters shown stands for the word GRANDPARENTS (GR and P aren't S). Clues are provided to help you out.
Cover Puzzle: based on a puzzle by Philip Cohen
Cover Design: Regis Modesta

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