April 2017

What a pleasure to present the April issue, which celebrates the work of Will Shortz. A highlight is Jonathan Schmalzbach’s revealing in-depth interview with Mr. Puzzle himself (page 34). Even though I’ve known Will for almost 40 years, in this …

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Transport Fever

Railroading games have been popular from the early days of PC gaming. Sid Meier’s Railroad Tycoon is the granddaddy of the genre, but it’s Chris Sawyer’s Transport Tycoon—which merged road, rail, air, and water networks—that developed a cult following. Revived …

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February 2017: Cryptolists


by Raymond Simon

Below are four lists of related words and phrases that have been translated into simple cipher alphabets. The letter substitutions remain constant within any one group of words (for instance, if V represents G in one

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February 2017

Packed with puzzles, brimming with brainteasers, chock-full of challenges—this issue truly has something for every puzzle fan. We’ve got a feeling you’ll welcome this news, especially if the February doldrums are setting in. A host of puzzles, from the visual …

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Weʼve had tons of requests for help in getting started on Sumoku puzzles. There really are a wide variety of strategies for these challenging puzzles, and we thought the best way to describe some of those strategies was to actually

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Codenames: Pictures

Fresh from winning the prestigious Spiel des Jahres Game of the Year for Codenames, Czech Games Edition has reinvented its signature title as Codenames: Pictures—and improved it in the process.

The basics of the two games remain largely the same. …

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