Astronomy Day

When Worlds Collide

Today is Astronomy Day, a day to bring recognition to those who love astronomy, both enthusiasts and professionals alike!

Can you change each of the following titles into a real movie title by replacing each planet with the name of a different planet? All nine planets (including Pluto) should appear in your answers, with “the Seventh Planet” representing Uranus. The year of each (corrected) film’s release is given as a hint.

1. Blonde Jupiter (1932)
2. This Island Saturn (1955)
3. The Thirteenth Moon of the Seventh Planet (1956)
4. Journey to Neptune (1962)
5. The Venus Factor (1973)
6. Mercury 3 (1980)
7. Pluto Attacks! (1996)
8. Earth Rising (1998)
9. The Adventures of Mars Nash (2002)

Published in GAMES, July 2006

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