Want to test your mental mettle? Try some of our selected puzzles from GAMES WORLD OF PUZZLES.

May 5: Astronaut Day

Spaced Out

by Jean Geiger

The planet below contains 36 words and phrases related to exploration of what was once the great unknown. Answers may launch horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, but always on a straight heading. If you experience any

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February 2017: Cryptolists


by Raymond Simon

Below are four lists of related words and phrases that have been translated into simple cipher alphabets. The letter substitutions remain constant within any one group of words (for instance, if V represents G in one

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Quote Boxes

December 2016: Quote Boxes

Quote Boxes

by Jennifer Orehowsky

To solve Quote Boxes, drop the letters from each vertical column—not necessarily in the order in which they appear—into the empty squares below them to spell a quotation reading from left to right, line by

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