Day 3: National Game and Puzzle Week

It's National Game & Puzzle Week! Time to break out your favorite board games, computer games, brain-teasers, or crossword puzzles and have some fun!

To celebrate, we've gathered a few puzzles for you to enjoy throughout this week. Here's a puzzle to be thankful for! Be sure to check back for more.

Many thanks

It’s the time of year for giving thanks, and this puzzle gives clues for 10 thank-ful words, titles, names, and phrases. How many can you identify?

1.   Merci or Danke
2.   Short, penned appreciation
3.   Bob Hope’s theme song
4.   Event where Santa hits the Big Apple
5.   1973 Peanuts TV special
6.   1995 Snipes-Swayze film
7.   M. Ryan’s You’ve Got Mail costar
8.   Cigarette industry satire (book and film)
9.   Chevalier’s well-known number from Gigi
10. Comedian and actor who played a professional         therapist in an animated sitcom .

Published in GAMES, November 2006

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