Geography Awareness Week

O Say, can you sea?

It's Geography Awareness Week, which means we have some trivia for you to test your knowledge! Each pair of countries below (1–16) is separated by one of the bodies of water listed right below it (a–p). Can you match them up—without looking at a globe or atlas, of course?

1. Australia & New Zealand
2. Croatia & Italy
3. Denmark & United Kingdom
4. France & United Kingdom
5. Greece & Italy
6. Greenland & Iceland
7. India & Oman
8. Iran & Russia
9. Iran & Saudi Arabia
10. Latvia & Sweden
11. Morocco & Spain
12. Philippines & Vietnam
13. Philippines & Malaysia
14. Saudi Arabia & Sudan
15. Somalia & Yemen
16. Turkey & Ukraine

a. Adriatic Sea
b. Arabian Sea
c. Baltic Sea
d. Black Sea
e. Caspian Sea
f. Denmark Strait
g. English Channel
h. Gulf of Aden
i. Ionian Sea
j. North Sea
k. Persian Gulf
l. Red Sea
m. South China Sea
n. Strait of Gibraltar
o. Sulu Sea
p. Tasman Sea

Published in GAMES, July 2006

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