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…From the Editor

Welcome to the April issue! We know the weather varies wildly this time of year, depending on where you live. For some of you, the cold winter lingers; for others, the harsh weather is easing up. Either way, this month’s articles and puzzles will provide plenty of much-needed diversion.
Our color section begins with a review of the recent Netflix miniseries The Queen’s Gambit, written by former GAMES editor in chief R. Wayne Schmittberger (page 33). What makes Schmittberger’s review special is his firsthand experience as a chess player during the time period in which the series is set. Even if you’ve already tuned in to The Queen’s Gambit, this one is worth a read. The series has proven wildly popular; back in November—one month after it was released—Netflix reported that The Queen’s Gambit had been watched by 62 million accounts. Among that record-setting number of viewers, many were inspired to learn more about the game of chess and even start playing—great news to us here at GAMES WORLD OF PUZZLES!
Moving on, you’ll find Andrew Parr’s “The Fascinating History of Michael Borys” (page 34). Learn how Borys, a magician, got started in his craft. Along the way, he has built an impressive list of achievements in the world of entertainment. The culmination of all of this is Borys’s creation of The 49 Boxes, a magic experience that he also hosts. No spoilers here…but if you get to check out the show, you’ll never forget it!
Next, check out Todd Kreisman’s “Escaping Solitude” (page 38). Due to the pandemic, escape rooms have moved online. Kreisman went searching and found two escape room companies that have been particularly successful online. Learn about them here—and perhaps give their offerings a try. It’s a great way to make friends and start a new hobby, even if in-person venues are still off-limits.
As always, our puzzle section will keep you busy for hours. For word lovers, highlights include Douglas Tench’s “Lucky Sevens” (page 22) and Will Shortz’s “Bull’s-Eye 20 Questions” (page 64). Logic and math fans have plenty to choose from, such as Erich Friedman’s “Block Heads” (page 29) and Jim Bumgardner’s “Penrose Loop” (page 65). And in honor of MLB’s opening day on April 1, we have Don Kerr’s “Baseball Bonanza” (page 54), a trivia quiz on season openers throughout the history of baseball.
Now you’re at bat! Sharpen your pencil and take a swing!

Jennifer Orehowsky
Senior Editor



The Queen’s Gambit
A review of the Netflix miniseries
The Fascinating History of Michael Borys
Meet Michael Borys, the co-developer of The 49 Boxes
Escaping Solitude
The rise of online escape rooms during the pandemic
An ongoing retrospective of this magazine’s history
Game On!
News from the world of games and puzzles


Wild Cards
A potpourri of amusing little puzzles for your solving pleasure
Contest: Totally Lit
Contest Results: Chain Letter Pairs (from August)
Electronic Game Reviews/dt>
Crusader Kings III, Stirring Abyss
Tabletop Game Reviews
Sonora, Back to the Future: Back in Time


    • 52-Skiddoo
    • Art on the Square
    • Baseball Bonanza
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