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…From the Editor

Happy New Year from the staff here at GAMES WORLD OF PUZZLES! As we usher in 2022, what better time than now to learn a new skill. And if you’re a newbie to cryptic crosswords, this issue can help you do just that.
On page 33, you’ll find the latest installment of “Cryptic Classroom,” an ongoing column by Andrew Parr. Since September, Parr has been explaining different types of cryptic clues, one type per issue. Sample puzzles are included. The column has been well received, as Parr recently reported: “I have seen a lot of positive feedback from members of our Facebook group, Games Magazine Enthusiasts, regarding this column. It appears that solvers are overcoming their apprehensions of cryptic crosswords. I’m tempted to say, ‘Mission accomplished!’ but the mission is far from over.”
Indeed, there is much more to learn before cryptic crosswords are completely demystified. And if you want to refer back to previous installments of “Cryptic Classroom,” they can be found on our website, Soon, you’ll be solving the cryptic crosswords that regularly appear in this magazine like a pro!
As you’re perusing the color section, you may notice that this issue’s contest is not in its usual spot. Fear not: The contest, “Honey, I Shrunk the Puzzles” by Todd Kreisman, has been temporarily moved to page 64. This three-page challenge offers up a variety of mini-puzzles, all of which lead to one or two letters. When these letters are combined, they can be anagrammed into the contest solution. This contest is fun and accessible; we highly recommend giving it a try.
On page 44, where the contest normally appears, you’ll find “Dungeon Sudoku” by Raymond Young. This occasional feature combines Sudoku and maze-solving, as you find your way out of the dungeon while defeating various foes. This time, you’re up against Martians and Tax Collectors. Can you emerge victorious?
Highlights of our Pencilwise section for the logic-mided include “Full Fridge” (page 22), an illustrated logic puzzle by Mark Zegarelli, and “Pentomino Problems” (page 54) by Argentinian puzzle creator Rodolfo Kurchan. Word puzzle fans won’t want to miss “Your Moment of Venn” (page 49), a new puzzle type created by Todd Kreisman, and “500 Rummy” (page 29), a reader favorite by Pam Wylder.
Enough from us—sharpen your pencil and kick off another year of top-notch puzzling!

Jennifer Orehowsky
Senior Editor



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    • 52-Skiddoo
    • Art on the Square
    • 500 Rummy
    • A Day at the Hideous Hideout
    • CalcuDoku
    • Art on the Square
    • …and More!