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…From the Editor

This issue of GAMES WORLD OF PUZZLES marks 43 years since the first issue of GAMES appeared in September 1977. The world has changed a lot in that time, and so has this publication. But, as longtime readers know, many of the features and puzzles that made GAMES so unique and welcoming live on today.

To celebrate this milestone, we kick off a yearlong series of columns called “Flashback 40” (page 40) by Andrew Parr, our “unofficial GAMES historian.” In this column, Parr takes a look at select September issues through the decades and discusses his favorite features and characteristics of each one. It’s a thoughtful, interesting perspective on the evolution of this magazine. Check it out!

Speaking of change…at press time, most of the U.S. was seeing a shift toward a gradual, cautious reopening of businesses and other activities that had been shuttered due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But large gatherings are still prohibited in most places, so we’ve once again chosen not to run “What’s Happening,” our calendar of game conventions and tournaments. Instead, turn to “Fire & Rain (page 33), a puzzle series by members of our very own Facebook group, Games Magazine Enthusiasts. Like so many of us, these puzzlers have been spending a lot of time watching movies on Netflix. They’ve created a series of clever puzzles based on films—we think you’ll give it two thumbs up.
Continuing the theme of solo or small-group activities that can be safely enjoyed in this era of social distancing, we present “Banishing Boredom with a Unique Subscription Service” (page 38) by Tyler Davidson. UnboxBoardom is a subscription service that specializes in board games. Customers can choose the games themselves, or make it a surprise. Founded by Chicago native Phil Jacobs, UnboxBoardom is a fitting response to the growing popularity of board games.

On the puzzle front, this issue’s Pencilwise section offers plenty to keep you busy. For fans of logic and math, there’s “Fishing Net” (page 30), a new puzzle from Rodrigo Jorquera Jorquera, and “Logisquares” (page 54), by Ryan Langewisch. Word puzzle fans will want to try out a couple of debut puzzles by Todd Kreisman, “The Spiral” (page 19) and “Splitsies” (page 22). And don’t skip “Some Assembly Required” (page 64), an old favorite by Patrick Berry
As always…stay safe and healthy, and happy puzzling!

Jennifer Orehowsky
Senior Editor



Fire and Rain
A cinematically inspired puzzle series
Banishing Boredom with a Unique Subscription Service
UnboxBoardom was created just for board game fanatics
Flashback 40
An ongoing retrospective of this magazine’s history
Across, Down & Together
A Q&A with Thinking Inside the Box author Adrienne Raphel
This Old Game: The Godfather Game
Vintage games from the collector’s closet


Wild Cards
A potpourri of amusing little puzzles for your solving pleasure
Contest: Mixed Reactions
Contest: Chain Letter PairsI
Contest Results: The 2020 Challenge (from January)
Electronic Game Reviews
Eqqo, High Rise
Tabletop Game Reviews
Silver & Gold, Jaws


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