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…From the Editor

Welcome to the September issue of GAMES WORLD OF PUZZLES! First things first: We’re pleased to announce the return of the cover puzzle. It’s back by popular demand: We’ve been paying attention to readers’ comments on social media and elsewhere, and we saw how much you missed it. This month’s cover puzzle, “State Lines,” will appeal especially to geography buffs. Keep your eyes peeled for more cover puzzles in upcoming issues. You can even send us ideas for puzzles via email at; drop them on our Twitter account, @thegamesmag; or post them on our Facebook page,

And there’s more good news, this time for cryptic crossword enthusiasts: These pages contain plenty of cryptic goodness! As an extension of Andrew Parr’s “Cryptic Classroom,” a nine-part instructional series that began in September 2021 and culminated in last month’s “Final Exam,” we present a variety of cryptic-themed content. First, check out Hayley Gold’s article, “Cryp-tic Tick Tick Boom!” (page 34). Gold, a cryptic enthusiast herself, explores the recent surge in popularity of cryptic crosswords, both online and in print. Gold spoke to many renowned cryptic constructors and shares their thoughts in this piece; she also provides a cornucopia of resources for those hungry for more cryptics.

Next, turn your attention to the puzzle section, where cryptic enthusiasts will find even more. First, Bob Stigger, cryptic constructor extraordinaire, makes his standard crossword debut with “Cryptic Logic 101” (page 21), a 15×15 crossword with a cryptic twist. And as always, there are two standard cryptics (pages 60 and 61), as well as two variety puzzles: Graduation Day (page 62), a toughie by Stigger; and, on the next page, E.R. Galli’s challenging “Parting Words.”

If cryptics aren’t your thing, never fear: This issue is packed with plenty of puzzles to keep you entertained. Logic buffs will enjoy Conceptis Puzzles’ “Nurikabe” (page 13) and “Snake Number Puzzles” by Rodolfo Kurchan (page 54). Those who prefer wordplay will want to check out Stu Agler’s “Read Ill About It” (page 29) and Don Henderson’s popular favorite “Quint-Essential” (page 55).

Enough from us; sharpen your pencil and start puzzling!

Jennifer Orehowsky
Senior Editor



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