X-Ray Day


It's X-Ray Day, a day to observe one of the most important medical discoveries in history. On this day in 1895, physicist Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen viewed the very first X-Ray. Here's a "Skeleton" you can observe!

Fill in the diagram below by making words using only the letters in the boxes. Fit them in to form a crosspatch-type puzzle. You may use any letter as often as you like, but don’t use the same word twice in the diagram: This includes singular and plural versions of the same word, inflected versions of a word (such as blink and blinked), and variant spellings of the same word. Use any word in a standard dictionary, including slang, but don’t use capitalized or foreign words, abbreviations, acronyms, or prefixes or suffixes.
SCORING: Using the point values given for each letter, add up your score by counting ACROSS each row, adding each letter’s points as you go along. Put each row’s total in the column on the right. Then find your final score by totaling the whole column.
Our highest score is 320.


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